Award winning Lincolnshire sausage with Gold awards in 2014, 2015 and 2018
We don’t ‘mess’ with our sausages and offer trendy mixes of flavour – we stick to what we do best: Traditionally made Lincolnshire sausages made on-site. The awards speak for themselves!

Sausages The word sausage comes from the Middle English sausige, which came from sal, Latin for salt; … from Vulgar Latin salsica (sausage), from salsicus (seasoned with salt). Salt was used to preserve food. In fact, the first sausages date back to a region called Mesopotamia. This area roughly equates to where modern day Iraq, Kuwait and some of Saudi Arabia are today. The dominant culture within this region was the Sumerians. It is these guys who take credit for inventing the sausage at some point around 3100BC. Turkey introduced the Sujuk circa 1000BC. Around 580BC was the first recorded history of sausage being made in China. The proliferation of sausage making came about thanks to the introduction of new spices that allowed sausage to be dried and preserved. Before this, countries in warmer climates were severely restricted with what they could make and where they could travel with their meat. The development of new flavours and sausage types was influenced massively by the seasonings available in each region of the world. Every country has their own distinct variety.

Lincolnshire sausage has been declared one of the best England has to offer.


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