More Sausage! Well you can’t have too many!

More Sausage! Well you can’t have too many!

What you can do with a sausage: Hot or cold (when cold the skin has melted away!) Main meal or snack.

Chipolatas for buffets; Pigs in blankets. Chipolatas are ideal for smaller hands.

Hot dogs with onions / relish Sausages can be fried, grilled, oven baked, bbq’d – completely versatile.

Sausage and chips classic (battered too!).

Sausage casserole. Pasta bake With mash / dauphinoise potatoes / roast potatoes – flavoured mash: why not add mustard or horseradish?

With vegetables (roasted) / salad / in giant Yorkshire puddings.

Sausage rolls – something else we sell (around about 800 a week go out of our doors!)

With a fry up for breakfast; for a snack; for an evening meal; even accompanying a Sunday roast.

Tell us how you eat yours!

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